What is the OAK Flavour Generator Promotion?

The OAK Flavour Generator Promotion gives you the opportunity to create your own OAK Flavour Mix by choosing up to 3 flavours from the list available at www.oakflavourgenerator.com.au. If you are selected as one of our three finalists, your creation will be manufactured and sold by OAK and you’ll have the opportunity to win $10,000. As a finalist, your first name and image will also be used to promote your OAK Flavour Mix. Please refer to the full Promotion Terms & Conditions available here: https://oakflavourgenerator.com.au/terms-and-conditions/

Who can enter?

Entry is open to Australian residents who are currently residing in Australia and are aged 18 years and over.

How many times can I enter?

A maximum of three (3) entries are permitted per person per day. However, no entrant may win more than one (1) prize or be selected as a finalist more than once.

How will you choose the three finalists?

We’ll select finalists based on the originality and creative merit of their entry – including the taste and originality of their OAK Flavour Mix, the creativeness of their submitted name, and the inspiration for choosing that name and the particular flavour combination.

When will the finalists be notified?

Entries close at 11:59pm on 7th February 2021. We’ll be getting in touch with our 3 finalists within 7 days of entries closing.

When will the finalists’ OAK Flavour Mixes be available in stores?

Our three finalists’ flavours will be available in stores from 26th April 2021.

When can I start voting for my favourite flavour?

You can start voting for your favourite flavour from 26th April 2021.
When voting for one of our 3 finalist flavours, it’s just one vote per person, per Internet Protocol (IP) address – so choose wisely.


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